Not Yet Over The Rainbow…

So, as many of you know…I started this blog for my Electronic Media class back in February. My professor said that we should select a topic that we were invested in, something we could combine with our personality and something we knew enough about to try and educate someone else about. I thought about this … Continue reading

The Science of Being Gay

So, you may have heard of some research conducted lately into why people become gay. You can think what you want about it, but I think its pretty fascinating. For one reason or another if there are some genetic or experiential differences that cause ‘gayness,’ I’d love to know about it! One of the newest ideas (and … Continue reading

Let Me SPELL It Out For You

Another day, another ignorant person who has put on blinders to the world. Behind closed doors, so many hide. Let them break the doors down. Can’t let people in, they won’t understand… Days I feel alive, days I know it is okay to be me. Every guy that has come and gone, all the ones … Continue reading

The New Religion, GAY

Recently in my LGBT studies class, we began the discussion of religion and how it relates and interacts with the ‘gay’ world. I was nervous to have this discussion because I personally avoid talking about religion at all costs. I think there are just so many beliefs and opposing viewpoints that it usually doesn’t end well for … Continue reading

Why (Some) Gay Men Get Jealous

OK, OK…I know you aren’t jealous! Of course you can deny it all you want, but many guys will agree with me in saying that many gay men are jealous. Now, I’m specifically talking about guys in relationships here…not all gays, but feel free to let me know if single gays are similar in their dating practices. … Continue reading

Why Not Take A Gay Cruise?

Ahh…vacation time has come once again. Well that could mean only one thing of course, TRAVEL! Traveling is always an exhilarating experience due to the allure of seeing a new and exciting place in the world that you haven’t been to before. As a gay man, one of the best values and most exclusive experiences … Continue reading

Gay Men & Their ‘GBFF’s’

When you think about your best friend, what comes to mind. Someone you enjoy being around, someone who cares about you and in return that you care about and possibly most importantly, someone you share common interests with. Now, this is no different for gay men. They, like all other people need someone to chat with, hang … Continue reading

Gay Marriage and the RED Equal Sign

So, as we all know, the Supreme Court has begun hearings on two historic federal cases, Hollingsworth v. Perry which is challenging California’s Proposition 8, and Windsor v. United States that will challenge DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) – both of which are major steps in the journey towards marriage equality. Obviously the LGBT crowd is in full … Continue reading